LISTENING is what makes The Moonlight different from other live music venues. Here, the performing artist is the most important person in the room, while they are on stage. We cater to an audience who comes to pay respectful attention to the talent being presented. Let’s keep it special.  -Moonlight founder Keith Harrelson


A. Official door time is 6:45pm show begins at 7:30pm. The policy that works best for all has been FIRST COME, FIRST SEATED. If you are here soon enough, you will have your choice of chairs and our few tables. We can seat 80 – 100 comfortably. 


A: We are located in a residential area with a lot of passing traffic and parking can be tricky but has always been adequate, even at our most heavily attended shows. If you’re part of a group, give your friends a ride – — take note of any “No Parking” signs and be mindful of private property. Across the street is Tip Top Grill and they lends us their space in the evenings.


A: At this time, food and beverages are NOT OFFERED FOR SALE at The Moonlight. Keep in mind that our venue is family-friendly, and we may have patrons of all ages in the audience…that being said, you are welcome to BRING A SMALL COOLER WITH YOU, containing a reasonable amount of whatever refreshments you choose.


A. Most of our performances are family friendly but our evening shows are geared for a mature audience. Even though we try to always keep it clean there are times when the performers’ material isn’t appropriate for a younger audience. We welcome and encourage all ages to come and enjoy a live music event in this setting, but please be respectful of the listening room environment. Always do your research before planning your evening. event page 


A: At this time, we are selective about online tickets sales. We can accept cash – Visa – MasterCard –  at the venue and each performance is different – check the event page 


A. Moonlight’s Open Mic Series is held on the 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month. The admission is $5 for both audience and performer. Doors open at 6:45 – we’ll start promptly at 7:30 – signup closes at 7:20. Visit Moonlight Open Mic Series for details. 

The Winter Series Grand Playoff is currently scheduled for June 19, 2017. The Summer Series will start in July 2017 – with the Grand Playoff held January 2018. 



A. Visit Rent The Moonlight to learn more

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