Play The Moonlight

Thanks for your interest in playing The Moonlight. If you are looking to book a show at our unique little venue please read the following;

The Moonlight is an unconventional venue — we do not sell food or drinks, only admission to shows. We mainly operate as a listening room with a house concert format. Audience members are allowed to bring their own food and beverages. Consequently, our artists’ compensation is always figured as a percentage of the door. We regret that we cannot offer a contracted monetary guarantee to secure a booking. We do guarantee that you will fall in love with our little spot on the mountain.

Still interested?

Have a few dates or at the very least a specific month in mind include the artist’s’ name in the subject requested dates.  Example;  Joe Molly Trio March 2017 or March 23-25 or Spring 2017

Even though a personal note is always welcomed, please keep the introduction sentences informative and include some or all of the following; live video, one page, EPK, media links and other relevant info.

If you have a lineup in mind or acts you know would like to join the bill, please pitch the complete show. Include EPK, any recent press and all relevant media links.

We receive a high volume of emails and strive to read and review every single one.

Email Michel O’Brien at

We are a neighborhood opry house — fueled by love — inspired by you — where it’s all about the the music — we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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